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Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg grew up in Rockland County, a suburb about 40 miles north of New York City, and graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. Before moving “way up north” in 1997, she worked as an executive search consultant for Korn/Ferry International.


Jennifer’s life as an expat motivated her to pursue her love of writing. Her first novel, Uptown and Down, was published by Penguin/NAL in 2005. She spent the next decade researching and writing her second book, Lagging Indicators, released independently in 2018. Her third novel and Swedish debut, Sommaren på Nornö, was published by Norstedts Förlag on June 3, 2021. It was chosen by TT News Agency as its summer read and serialized in over 40 Swedish newspapers nationwide. Sommaren på Nornö was also nominated for Feelgood Book of the Year. Jennifer self-published the English-language edition, A Norn in Bloom, on July 18, 2023.


Jennifer’s stories explore contemporary women’s issues about relationships, family, careers, identity, race, and class. Her writing reflects her desire to amplify diverse voices while bringing universality to the human experience. She has made numerous media appearances and presented at the Gothenburg Book Fair and Stockholm Writers Festival. LA Weekly featured Jennifer as one of “15 Amazing Writers Worth Reading.”


Married with two children, Jennifer splits her time between an apartment in Stockholm and a cottage in the archipelago that inspired her latest novel. 


Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg är uppvuxen strax utanför New York City och har en kandidatexamen i statsvetenskap från Columbia University. Hon har tidigare gett ut två romaner. Den första, Uptown and Down, är utgiven av Penguin/NAL 2005 i USA, och hennes andra roman, Lagging Indicators, gav hon ut själv 2018.


Jennifers tredje roman, Sommaren på Nornö, gavs ut av Norstedts i Sverige den 3e juni 2021. Boken valdes till sommarföljetong av TT Nyhetsbyrån och fanns i cirka 40 lokaltidningar runt om landet och var nominerad som Årets Feelgood. Hon har skrivit uppföljningen och ser fram emot att möta läsarna med fortsättningen.

Jennifer engagerar sig i dagens frågor och är samhällskommentator, föreläsare, bloggare och skrev en krönika för Damernas Värld (Nr 01, 2022). Hon har medverkat Göteborgs Bokmässan och Stockholm Writers Festival och även gästat Sveriges Radio med Titti Schultz och Nyhetersmorgon med Anders Philblad. Jennifer utsågs till en av femton spännande författare värda att läsa i LA Weekly.

Jennifer bor sedan många år tillbaka i Stockholm med sin man och har två barn.

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I was born on September 19, 1971, to Haitian parents who emigrated to the United States in the late Sixties. I have an older sister (by thirteen months) and was a starry-eyed kid who wanted to move from the suburbs and embark upon an exciting life in New York City. My college years at Columbia University gave me the intellectual stimulation and dynamic urban experience I craved. I loved people-watching, browsing second-hand bookstores, going to art exhibitions, dancing at Downtown nightclubs, and eating in charming cafés. Along the way, I met a very cute and kind Swede, and everything I had assumed about my life trajectory changed. We dated for several years, and when he proposed, I moved to Stockholm in 1997. We were married in 1999 and have two grown children. 

Sweden was a big change for this native New Yorker, but I've always been fascinated by other countries and cultures, and my years abroad have filled me with new influences and a wider perspective. Sweden has also given me the opportunity to pursue my passion: writing. An avid reader my whole life, I was active in my high school newspaper, yearbook, and literary magazine, but it took a move halfway around the world for me to take the plunge. I knew I was making a fresh start personally and wanted to bring that renewed spirit to my professional life. Luckily, writing is a portable career. I wrote my debut novel during those first few years in my new home, and Uptown and Down was published by Penguin/NAL in 2005. Set in Manhattan, it depicts the triumphs and conflicts of three ambitious friends as they navigate the glossy worlds of music and media. 

I then spent the next decade juggling parenthood and researching/writing my second book. When the finished manuscript struggled to find a home, I made the decision to release it independently in 2018. Evolving from the 2008 financial crisis, Lagging Indicators centers on Mia Lewis, the only Black female executive at a boutique investment firm. She is devoted to her career until one false move ushers her spectacular downfall, leaving her disgraced and broke. The novel follows Mia’s journey as she fights to rebuild her reputation and reclaim her identity. It is also a tale of love and choices—as timely as ever, considering the challenges women face to “have it all.”  
Thanks to marketing on social media and word of mouth, Lagging Indicators gained an audience in Sweden and the United States. As a result, I met an editor at Norstedts who asked me if I could write a book that is set in Sweden. I accepted the creative challenge and submitted a manuscript about a Swedish single mother and her bi-racial daughter who live on a fictional island in the Stockholm archipelago, imagining a scenario where their lives intersect with a sophisticated family from New York City. Drawing upon my observations from both cultures, I explore the themes of mother/daughter relationships, family secrets, race, class, and the universal emotion of feeling like an outsider. To my absolute delight, Norstedts liked the story, and a Swedish translation of Sommaren på Nornö was published on June 3rd, 2021.

Spending time with my family is the true joy and blessing of my life, and some of our best moments have taken place at our cottage in the Stockholm archipelago. No cars are allowed, so we enjoy going for long walks in the forest, biking, boating, playing tennis and padel, cooking, and puttering around the house. The peace and quiet is perfect for reading, which continues to be my most cherished hobby. My favorite books are Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and Beloved by Toni Morrison. I also have a soft spot for anything set in New York City (the suburban girl in me yearning to break free). I think Edith Wharton’s New York Novels (The House of Mirth, The Custom of the Country, The Age of Innocence) and Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights, Big City brilliantly capture the allure and temptations of the city. I admire so many contemporary authors! Here are a few whose literary style and work have resonated with me: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Suad Ali, Fredrik Backman, Brit Bennett, Mike Gayle, Xochitl Gonzalez, Yaa Gyasi, Kazuo Ishiguro, Tayari Jones, Angie Kim, Sofia Lundberg, Liane Moriarty, Jojo Moyes, Ann Patchett, Curtis Sittenfeld, Zadie Smith, J. Courtney Sullivan, Colson Whitehead, Tom Wolfe and Jacqueline Woodson.

Stockholm is a great city to live in—small and family-friendly with just the right amount of edginess. The restaurant scene is eclectic, the cultural life vibrant; Swedes are very curious about new things. Traveling is a constant source of knowledge and inspiration, but I dislike packing and airports. My top countries to visit are Italy and France. I have a weakness for Italian red wine and pasta Bolognese. I am also a huge fan of French style and admire the richness of the language. Since my parents were born and raised in Haiti, my first words were in French. While I love fashion, my number one outfit is wearing comfy sweatpants and a fleece jacket (with sleeves, NEVER a vest!). Even better if I could stay home all day and write 😊.

I'm a news junkie and often find story ideas from articles and features. Movies and smart TV series are a great way for me to offset information overload and provide valuable insight into pacing and narrative structure. Unfortunately, I usually doze off during a crucial scene–much to my husband’s dismay! I'm definitely a morning person and treasure the solitude of dawn and tasting that first cup of coffee (Gevalia, black, no sugar).

I am immensely grateful for the chance to follow my writing dream. Although writing can be difficult, I love the challenge of searching for that perfect word and making a jumbled sentence sound more coherent. It has given me enormous fulfillment and probably equal amounts of pain dealing with writer's block, edits, and rejections! Yet, I can't stop. With each book, I learn more and more about language and crafting an engaging narrative. I have many more stories to tell, and hope you will join me on this journey. Thank you!

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