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October 10, 2021

Photo: Ariana Ghatan

I’m back! My apologies for the lack of blog updates. My goal has always been to write a monthly post, but the period before and after the release of Sommaren på Nornö took me on an all-consuming but incredible ride. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know the novel was chosen as the sommarföljetong (summer book selection) by TT News Agency and serialized in over 30 newspapers across Sweden. The thought of having my words in local papers and reaching such a broad audience had never entered my wildest dreams. Truthfully, I had never even heard the word följetong before and did not know what it meant! But what a privilege and pleasure it was to connect with so many engaged readers around the country. I was also fortunate to receive some media coverage, and being interviewed on Nyhetesmorgon, Sweden’s most popular morning program, was such an honor. However, the most extraordinary part of my book release has been seeing the photos and reviews posted by readers and book influencers. Beautiful vignettes and creative bookstagrams. Honest opinions and deeply thoughtful comments about the narrative. Agnes, Linn and Zoë Holmgren, and the fictional island of Nornö, really took on a life of their own. I have learned so much from this journey and am enormously grateful for the experience.

Things culminated with the Göteborg Book Fair a few weeks ago, where I met other writers and more of the Norstedts team IRL. I love Norstedts and feel so lucky to be a part of their family! Sometimes I feel like the new kid on the block, but everyone is so nice and helpful, putting my nervousness at ease.

Admittedly, Summer 2021 was quite intense, and the last few months have also been a whirlwind of personal travel and celebrating my milestone birthday—interspersed with some book events. As a result, I have felt the need to rest, read, and replenish. At the end of August, I had lunch with Jennifer Lindström, Senior Editor at Norstedts (and the woman who made it all possible 😊) to discuss my next project. I shared my ideas with her, and once we outlined a plan, I felt like I could finally leave my obsessing over the stats and reviews about Sommaren på Nornö behind. It was time to look ahead and move on to the next story.

However, all is not lost. I can now officially announce that I will be writing a sequel to Sommaren på Nornö! Although this wasn’t my original plan, many readers are curious about what happens next and have expressed a longing to read more about the characters. So, you will continue to follow Zoë, but in a new time and place (yet still with her connection to Nornö) and get inside the head of a new character. I am so excited to begin writing and hope you will want to read this new story once it comes out (hopefully Autumn 2022). Until then, you will find me hunkered down over my computer—typing away—but see you in this space next month!

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1 Comment

Oct 10, 2021

Wonderful! So happy that this journey continues ☺️.

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