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Today marks the first day of Spring! Despite Stockholm's cool and misty weather, a perceptible shift is in the air. Daylight is longer, the snow has melted, and the birds are chirping. I have much more energy and a renewed curiosity to do things beyond my four corners. However, before embarking on anything fun, I had to get the proverbial "Spring Cleaning" out of the way. Over the weekend, I filled five bags with items to donate and resell. It felt good to clear the excess and emerge with a less cluttered space and mind.

Luckily, there are many new and noteworthy happenings to fill the air. I wish I could see the Vermeer exhibit in Amsterdam, but tickets are sold out even if I had a trip planned. However, New York is on the agenda, and I’ll be checking out the much-lauded Hip-Hop: Conscious, Unconscious at Fotografiska New York, celebrating 50 years of the most powerful cultural movement of our generation. The Karl Lagerfeld retrospective at The Met Costume Institute in May also gives every indication of being outstanding.

Last week’s Academy Awards reminded me how gripping cinematic storytelling is, unlike many drawn-out, inconsistent series. I’m excited to see two new releases generating buzz: the British rom-com Rye Lane and the French heist film, The Innocent. Speaking of French, springtime is practically synonymous with Paris, and I will be going there in April. A visit to the Fondation Louis Vuitton for the Warhol x Basquiat exhibit is high on my list. Their collaboration in the 80s was groundbreaking and had lasting consequences for both artists. Warhol x Basquiat promises to evoke the energy of that era’s New York downtown art scene— my favorite time and place. On the culinary side, I would also love to snag a table at Septime and Chez Janou instead of going to the more scene-y restaurants I typically haunt.

Stockholm unfolds before my eyes this time of year. It may take a while, but the city comes alive once the air warms up and the first cherry blossoms appear in Kungsträgården. A springtime ritual is visiting Rosendal’s Trägård for botanical inspiration and a lovely lunch or fika. Some exciting musical performers are also coming to town. I'll miss seeing Beyoncé on May 10/11th, but I will be grooving to my favorite teenage band, Depeche Mode, on May 23rd.

Spring is always an exciting time for book releases. Not as heavy as Fall or Winter but less escapist than summer reads, spring titles seem to balance depth with relatability. Ann Napolitano’s new novel, Hello, Beautiful, is Oprah’s 100th Book Club pick. After reading an article about Napolitano’s writing journey, I was moved by her talent, humility, and perseverance. I’m also intrigued by Irene Muchemi-Ndiritu's Lucky Girl, a tale about a young Kenyan woman who comes to New York in the Nineties.

Finally, my biggest news this Spring revolves around major family events: a college commencement, a high school graduation, and a milestone birthday. Each celebration will be special—and bittersweet. Change is jarring, and the passage of time seems to march faster with every year. I find myself going down memory lane and having bouts of nostalgia, but I’m determined to be in the moment and not get stuck in the past. I want to savor these high points for our family with gratitude, joy, and optimism for what’s ahead—much like the dawn of Spring itself.

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