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My name is Jennifer Dahlberg and I’m a writer living in Stockholm, Sweden, with my Swedish husband and our two children.  Moving to Sweden was a big change for this native New Yorker, but I’ve always been curious about other countries and cultures and my years here have filled me with tons of inspiration and, hopefully, perspective.  Sweden has also given me the opportunity to pursue my passion: writing.  I’ve been an avid reader my whole life and joined the newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine in high school.  I then went on to study political science in college with the goal of becoming a journalist.  However, my life took an unexpected turn (love!) and I decided to spend it abroad.  Luckily, writing is a portable career and I wrote my debut novel, Uptown and Down during my first few years in Stockholm.  There’s something to be said for the long, dark winters here; going outside seems like a dismal proposition, so one is compelled to hunker down, focus and get things done.  Work hard from November – March and you’ll be rewarded with longer, leisurely daylight hours from April – August.

This time of year is a moment of renewal and it certainly reflects how I feel right now.  After years of hard work, I’ve finally finished the manuscript for my second book, Lagging Indicators.  Writing requires intense commitment, often at the expense of anything superfluous.  In a few months, Lagging Indicators will find its way into the world and I now have the time—and courage—to share my thoughts and ideas with you.  While this website will be primarily about my writing and what unleashes my creativity, I also draw inspiration from everything around me: my children, nature, art, music, fashion, design, travel, literature, popular culture, politics, news, food…  Anything from a road trip in India to watching a basketball game with my son can get the “wheels in my head turning,” as I like to say!  This website will give me a platform to express myself on a broad range of topics and perhaps I can inspire, inform and entertain.  I also welcome your feedback. I want us to have a dialogue because writing can be a pretty lonely vocation :).  Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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