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"Dahlberg seamlessly combines ... a romance novel and a financial thriller--and imbues the result with suspense and emotional depth. ... [She] intelligently captures the precarious position of a black woman in the white, testosterone-fueled world of New York high finance."

– Kirkus Reviews

Reader Comments

“Lagging Indicators gets 5 stars from me... It’s suspenseful, sexy, educational and paints a hopeful picture for Black career women of the future. I particularly devoured the parts where Oliver the wine shop owner charmed his way into her life, the references to fashion that highlight Mia’s dalliance with success, and the intense portrait of the financial world deftly painted by this talented author.”
– Mary Ann Tippett, Mary Ann’s Book Reviews

“[The] author really put her best writing hand forward and did due diligence.”
– Marie

“Pitch perfect. Features characters who act infuriatingly human.”
– Lisa

“There are not enough books about strong, working females… I appreciated the dualstorylines of career and love.”
– Julia

“This was a captivating story; it took a few turns that I did not expect. Mia was a highly likeable protagonist, and the characters were well-developed.”
– Stacy

“Such a great book!  The book has a strong, flawed female lead that I just loved.”

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“A sharp-witted, soul-searching novel that explores the upside—and the downside—of marriage and money in Manhattan.”

– Erica Kennedy, Author of Bling

“Uptown and Down is a must read—sensual, satisfying, and thoughtful.”
– Valerie Ann Leff, Author of Better Homes and Husbands

“In her debut novel, Dahlberg uses her smooth delivery paired with rich, infectious characters to weave what is sure to be a classic.”
– Eric Pete, Author of Gets No Love and Don’t Get it Twisted

Reader Comments

“This was one of the best human-interest novels I have ever read. The writer takes you on a journey of total involvement with the characters. This is one of those rare relationship novels that is well written, exciting, compelling, and hard to put down. I will look for more from this writer. She has a flair for bringing a book to life in the way she is able to present the characters, their lives and their feelings. The realness of the story and the emotions jump off the pages.”
– Kat

“The author writes so descriptively, so powerfully! She entertained all my senses to the flavor of New York. Her characters were so multi-faceted and interesting. This is so NOT the typical formula you see in popular African American fiction. I will definitely read her next work. She is a name I'll follow!”

– Monica

“It is a great read when you want to escape into someone else's world. And why not step into Nora's. Living in downtown Manhattan, successful glamourous Nora and her sexy successful husband Jeff have it all. She is advancing in her career as Jeff is breaking barriers as his hip-hop recording company grows. Manhattan at its best, and summers at the Hamptons. But with the success comes some challenges, and a past mistake coupled with pride threatens to break apart the couple that are so great together. You'll love both Nora and Jeff including their flaws and won't want the story to end. I've only been to NYC as a tourist, the book opened new places to me and gave a feeling of being in new Harlem and other places I didn't know. The author brings the people and places alive. Absolutely a book worth owning.”

– Leslie

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